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Teen Acne and The Best Treatment
Teenage acne is a very common skin disorder, which if treated early on, will help to prevent severe acne in adulthood. It usually starts somewhere between the ages of ten and thirteen, although some children start showing signs as early as eight years of age. As teenagers hit puberty, their hormones change which causes their body chemistry to change leading to an increased likelihood of acne. Often, teen acne or acne that occurs during adolescence is seen as just a phase, and so is not treated. However, the sooner you start treatment, the better the results will be. Early treatment can help keep your child's acne to a minimum, all through the teenage years. Teenagers usually eat more fast food, have oilier skin, and have more stress than they did as children, which factors all contribute to acne outbreaks. Teen acne is by far the most common form of acne in the world, and almost every teenager will get at least one small instance of acne during adolescence. Teenagers... (more)

Buy a Charlie McCarthy as your new side kick
Dummy Charly McCarthy knows what he worths...

House of Forgings
House of Forgings Website
We have over 120 years of collective stair experience in the distribution of metal and wood stair components and our business is continually growing. House of Forgings understands what is required to properly serve our customers. We strive to maintain a professional and friendly working relationship with all of our vendors because we value their business. For more information, please visit our website.

Whispers Aloud
time flies
Wow...has been 3 years since i last visited this humble page...time did flies rather quickly when u have so much on your plate...a lot of things happened...ppl got married, died, borned etc....i'm still the same ol' me...fatter i guess...hehehe...better stop for now

Mexico /387
I never understood what people meant when they say "I travelled to (such and such place) and it completely transformed me". I couldn't grasp how a simple change in scenery could induce the kind of spiritual awakening they so excitedly describe. That is, until I came to the beautiful mountainous city of Monterrey, Mexico. So I've spent 2 and a half months here on a university exchange programme and today, my dear friend Claudia reminded me that I should be penning my thoughts on my experiences, lest I forget. (And I forget a lot in very little time. For example, I can't remember for the life of me, a single item of clothing from the wardrobe I left behind in Singapore. I also cannot remember whether I packed my notes from the previous semester before leaving. Or how my little brother looks like.) I suppose it makes sense to keep a journal. All these new ideas, these revelations about living and being that I most serendipitously encounter here may be clear to me now, but there's... (more)

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